Miscellaneous Cancer Victories

The following information is taken from a weekly newsletter put out by Hallelujah Acres Health Ministries. The Hallelujah Diet, used by many to get well, is basically a vegan diet (No animal products at all!) combined with cutting out all sugar, salt, caffeine, white flour products, processed foods, prescription and non-prescription drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and so on. The diet requires eating 80% raw, organic foods and using a juicer to make fresh fruit and vegetable drinks. People on this diet eat grains, beans, nuts, seeds, baked potatoes, rice, soy, tofu, fruits and vegetables. There are so many healthy things to eat! If you have a disease, think about wheather using medications and other poisons to get well is better than eating right and strengthing the body to do the job on its own.

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Although Malkmus focuses on nutrition and eliminating toxins from our diet, one must also pay attention to such things as environmental toxins, emotional and spiritual issues, stress, and dental history. They all impact each other and must be addressed, especially in cases of advanced disease.

These testimonies are not just random occurrences. People all over the world are getting well by giving the body the nutrition and environment necessary to heal itself, rather than using drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to destroy it! You can get well despite what you have been told by your doctor. Each of these people were committed to a changed lifestyle. They gave up McDonald's, Burger King and other fast foods. They licked their ice cream habits and overcame their cravings for sweets, alcohol, cigarettes and other addictive substances. These people learned that comfort comes from knowing they are going to live rather than being comforted by foods they knew were going to kill them. Change your life right now so we may soon add your healing testimony to this list :)

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 67
February 12, 1999


Today is a very special day in my life - First, because it was 65 years ago this very morning that I entered this world, and second, because it was seven years ago this very day Rhonda and I started Hallelujah Acres. To begin my celebration of these two momentous events in my life, let me give a state of the union update to our more than 11,000 readers located around the world.

My dad had his first heart attack at age 42. Numerous heart attacks and strokes followed this heart attack, until he died following a final massive heart attack. He never reached his 65th birthday! Mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in her late 40's and never made it to her 65th birthday either!

So I feel very blessed to be celebrating my 65th birthday today! However, I am convinced, that if I had not changed my diet and lifestyle 23 years ago, at the age of 42, I would not be alive and well on planet earth to celebrate today.

For those not familiar with my testimony, it was in the spring of 1976, while I was pastoring a very successful church in upstate New York, I was told I had colon cancer. Without going into a lot of detail, instead of going the medical route for my cancer, I opted for a change of diet at the recommendation of Evangelist Lestor Roloff, and started eating God's way as recorded in the Bible in Genesis 1:29.

Almost immediately I started to get well, and on a basically raw food diet, saw my cancer disappear. Since making that diet change 23 years ago, I have not experienced as much as a cold. It is very thrilling to me, to be 65-years old, and still not only have my health, but to also be able to do more physically than I probably could at any time during my entire life.

For example, about a month or so ago, I had the privilege of playing football with my two sons, ages 36 and 31, and my 5 grandsons (ages 6 to 16). Folks, at the end of game, after several hours of steady play, I was as fresh as when I started.

Almost every day that I am not on the road holding seminars, Rhonda and I spend at least an hour doing aerobic exercises. When on the road, you will find me speed walking or running around the motel parking lot with my hand weights or working out in the motels exercise room.

At age 65, I get up most mornings at around 4:00 a.m., and don't shut down till about 10:00 p.m. I drop off to sleep almost immediately, probably in less than a minute. My energy is boundless; my mind is still sharp and clear, and I can still lecture for three to four hours without notes.

There is no sign of arthritis in my joints, I still have a full head of hair, and haven't had as much as a headache or upset stomach since I changed to a basically raw vegetarian diet 23 years ago. My eye sight is better than it was 40 years ago, my hearing is exceptionally keen, and I weight the same 136 pounds I weighed as a teenager.

By the way, after 23 years on a 100% vegetarian diet, there is not the slightest indication of a B12 deficiency, a protein deficiency or a calcium deficiency. And even though, I live a very vigorous and active lifestyle, playing sports and climbing mountains, I have not suffered a single broken bone since becoming a vegetarian.

I have four children between the ages of thirty and forty- one who have given me ten wonderful grandchildren. Then in 1991, Rhonda entered my life and has been such a wonderful helpmate and co-laborer. There is so much more I could write, but I am very blessed and I thank the Lord daily for his multiple blessings, mercy, and guidance.

Retirement is not in my vocabulary, though I hope to be able to slow down in the coming months so that I can at least have a little time to smell the roses and grow an organic vegetable garden and plant an organic fruit orchard. Thank you for your love and prayers and birthday cards and greetings.

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 69
February 26, 1999

This first letter comes from Linda: "Dear Dr. Malkmus...because of the Lord's message through you, I have been cancer free for going on 3 years without chemotherapy, radiation or Tamoxifen. HALLELUJAH! I know that I do have to stay on the Hallelujah Diet Lifestyle 100% so it will not come back, for I have seen so many think they are healed and slip back into the world's foods and stress, only to lose the battle."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 75
April 16, 1999

Rebekah in Washington: "My name is Rebekah. I just celebrated a very special 48th birthday. It was very special because last year on my 47th I wasn't sure if I would celebrate another. On November 11, 1997, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For a full year I was subjected to man's harsh ways of treating stage 4 breast cancer. After a needle biopsy, a lumpectomy was deemed necessary. Two weeks later, the doctors decided that a modified radical mastectomy was necessary due to the invasiveness of the ductile carcinoma along with the high count of lymph node involvement. After the mastectomy, I underwent six months of chemotherapy and a month of radiation treatments to my left hip. In April of 1998, I underwent a third surgery on my left hip, which revealed that the cancer had metastasized to my bones. A bone scan in November 1998 noted the metastatic disease was still active and growing. It was at this time that God intervened through His Holy Word, prayer, and the godly wisdom of others. I was introduced to the Hallelujah Diet.

I made the decision to stop all medical treatment and start on the Hallelujah Diet full-force. On December 3, 1998, God's miracle MRI report came back: 'Bilateral bone infarctions involving the distal femurs, stable in appearance with no sign of metastatic disease.' Since I started on the Hallelujah Diet, I have lost 40 pounds. The hot flashes I have suffered with for the past 5 years and the hormonal roller coaster that I have experienced for years have disappeared. I no longer suffer from acid reflux, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome or allergies. In mid- January, when the orthopedic doctor took follow-up x-rays of my left hip that he had removed a metastatic tumor from last April, he discovered that the bone had completely regenerated itself. The doctor was blown away. He said, 'Whatever you are doing it is working. Look at this x-ray, Rebekah. It is not even visibly notable that I removed a tumor from your hip!' He further stated that 'all the degenerative joint disease that was created by the medications is also disappearing.' I am off all medications. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Amen! God bless you, Dr. Malkmus, for listening to the truth that God spoke to your heart, and then stepping out in faith to carry out the vision of Hallelujah Acres ministry."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 82
June 11, 1999

In an email from Rev. Dick and Jane Green, Back to the Garden Health Ministers in Costa Rica, we read: "We were contacted by a man who had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and was on medication for high blood pressure. After only four weeks on the Hallelujah Diet, and not eating any cooked food at all, the doctor said, 'no need for blood pressure medicine anymore, and the tumor is shrinking, so no need for surgery.' Also, the man lost ten pounds in those same four weeks and he looks ten years younger. Praise the Lord!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 84
July 2, 1999

In an e-mail from Venus and Annie to "Loved ones" with a copy to me: "Many of you have shared (in the past) some of our sad news about my health and I think it wouldn't be fair if I didn't share the good news also - VICTORY! My last lab test shows no more malignant cancer. Lab tests in January and April showed it to be malignant, but the last one shows NOT malignant. That is only one month after going on the Hallelujah Diet!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 85
July 9, 1999

Last Saturday we held our monthly HOW TO ELIMINATE SICKNESS seminar here at Hallelujah Acres, and we were blessed with an amazingly good crowd for the Fourth of July weekend. People were here from eight different states, and the testimonies were spectacular as usual. One lady shared how she had been given a clean bill of health by her medical doctor for her breast cancer after one year on the Hallelujah Diet - and she had the doctor's evaluation report to prove it. Was she ever excited!

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 89
August 6, 1999

This first email comes from Ray Bucher, who lives in Ohio: "I was diagnosed with untreatable and incurable cancer and given five weeks to live in April of 1998. A friend shared your screaming preacher tape, 'How to Eliminate Sickness,' with me. Six weeks later (after making the diet change), NO TRACE OF CANCER!!! For the first time in my life I consumed vegetables, and they were raw - well, I actually juiced 'em. I felt God gave me the flood (juice) so that I wouldn't have to eat them. And no, I don't believe it was a miracle that God healed me. I have been telling ALL who will listen that the miracle is that I LISTENED! Mr. Malkmus, thank you for sharing your life-saving knowledge."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 90
August 13, 1999

This past Wednesday evening I had the privilege of sharing my "How to Eliminate Sickness" seminar at Living Word Fellowship in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, at the invitation of the pastor, David Butts. It was a very exciting seminar and the 450-seat auditorium was packed. Many testimonies were shared, including a mother telling how her 3-year old had been healed of cancer on the Hallelujah Diet.

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 91
August 20, 1999


The Bible tells us in Genesis 2:7, "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of LIFE; and man became a LIVING soul."

A large part of my library is devoted to books on the subject of cancer. Some of these books say that cancer is caused by bacteria, others say it is caused by parasites, others say it is caused by toxic substances in our air, water and food, while others say it is a judgment by God. But what IS cancer?

Since I was first told I had cancer in 1976 I have been researching this subject, and after twenty-three years of research I have boiled it down to this: cancer is nothing more nor less than cells out of control! They are maverick cells or misbehaving cells, if you will.

When we look at the beautiful God-made body we each possess, we find that our entire physical body is made up of LIVING cells, approximately a hundred trillion of them! Everything from the hair on our head to our toenails, skin, blood, muscle, bone, heart, etc., is comprised of LIVING cells-- including our immune system.

These hundred trillion cells are constantly dying and being replaced at the rate of about three hundred million cells per minute. Various parts of our body die and are replaced over various amounts of time--blood cells die and are replaced daily, our surface layer of skin dies and is replaced about every two weeks, while the cells that comprise our bone structure take about a year to be replaced. Science tells us that within one year over 98% of the atoms that comprise our body today will have been replaced.

As these hundred trillion cells (approximately three hundred million per minute) die and are replaced, every so often a new cell becomes a maverick cell, a cell out of control. God made provision for this by placing "T cells" within our blood system to seek out these maverick cells so that they would not do our body any harm. Thus, "T cells" are the scavengers within our body that God provided to protect us.

When we eat what I call the world's diet (the Standard American Diet or SAD--comprised of cooked meat, dairy, refined sugar, salt, caffeine, and white flour products), we find that we are not providing the proper building materials to produce strong, healthy, vital, vibrant cells, but rather weaker cells than those they are replacing. Thus, a slow but steady decline at the cellular level of our body begins. And we must remember that our immune system is made of LIVING cells, so the immune system also becomes less efficient and protective.

Also, we are placing so much garbage (I can't think of a better word to describe the Standard American Diet) into our bodies that they become littered with debris and toxic substances. Our bodies then have the monumental task of not only trying to clean up the debris and overcome a lot of toxins, but trying to do it with a weakened immune system.

When our body becomes overwhelmed with toxins and the weakened immune system can no longer cope, a maverick cell will often not be sought out and disposed of by the immune system as God designed. So what happens to that maverick cell? It starts to grow and split, grow and split, and depending on where this growing and splitting takes place, that is the beginning of cancer. We all have potential cancer (maverick) cells within our bodies, but if our immune system is strong and functioning properly, the body naturally disposes of them very nicely.

Now, the medical community has some 110 different names for cancer, depending on the physical location of the cancer: cancer of the brain, breast, bone, prostate, colon, lymph, blood, and the list goes on and on. But all cancers are merely cells out of control, no matter what their location within the body.

So how does the medical community deal with these out-of- control cells? Medical doctors are taught in medical school that the ONLY way to deal with cancer cells is aggressively, using such modalities as chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery. Chemotherapy involves very toxic chemicals that have NEVER been tested in double-blind studies. In fact, these drugs can actually CREATE cancer in a non-cancerous person! In other words, the only modalities medical doctors have been taught to use in medical schools in the treatment of cancer are those that try to poison the cancer, burn it out, or cut it out. And if a doctor uses any other modality, that doctor can lose his license and in some states can be fined and even imprisoned.

Is there a better way than the world's way of dealing with cancer? Let me share a couple of letters I received this week from cancer victims in an effort to answer this very question, and then you tell me if there is a better way than the world's way of dealing with not only cancer, but all physical problems.

Barbara wrote me a little over a month ago, telling me that she had previously had breast cancer, that it had returned, and had spread to her lymph system and lungs. She told me her doctors told her that for this metastasized cancer there was no hope, and that she was going to die. In a letter received this week, she responded:

"Dear Dr. Malkmus, I e-mailed you over a month ago and asked for some help with my health. I have returned cancer and it is in my lymph system and my lungs. I have over 24 spots on my lungs. . . . How nice to call someone and hear them say, 'There is still hope!' I have been on the Hallelujah Diet for about six weeks. I am exercising and praying for God's healing through His food. I feel great! The people at church check me out each week as I come to worship with my family of six children and my mother in a wheelchair. I think they are looking for signs of the cancer to be weakening me. Yet so far, on the Hallelujah Diet, they are seeing only energy and radiant health. One lady said that my husband and I look like high school sweethearts (we both just turned 40). . . . Since I chose to follow God's way, and not the medical way, my doctors have refused to test me or work with me any longer. This is hard, yet I feel that I am in the Divine Healer's hands and He does not need CAT scans, etc. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry. My life has been blessed and I am looking forward to living a healthy life now that I am following the Genesis 1:29 diet. Thank you Dr. Malkmus."

Note that this woman had previously had cancer, had been treated by the medical doctors, and that now it had metastasized. Now they could offer her no hope. However, a nutritionally-aware medical doctor encouraged her to try the Hallelujah Diet and she felt she had nothing to lose by trying it. Whether her body will be able to overcome this cancer is yet to be seen, but she is still alive and well on planet earth, and enjoying a quality of life she could never have experienced if she had accepted the medical doctors' modalities and death sentence.

The following comes in the form of an application for Health Ministry training from Philip Friederichs, who lives in Florida. He is 47 years old and holds a master's degree in education, and through the years has been a teacher, coach, and school principal. "Since brain surgery in 1998 for astrocytoma (grade III) brain tumor I know that with God's help and proper diet, exercise, etc. my immune system will allow me to remain healthy. I have also lost 50 pounds through this diet and exercise program and have more energy and am cancer-free (last MRI was in July 1999)." His reason for wanting to come for training to be a Health Minister is: "I believe the Hallelujah Acres program is biblically sound and makes wonderful sense. I want to learn more and then share my story of health with others so that they too can lead a healthier, happier, fuller life."

What do we teach here at Hallelujah Acres? We teach that almost all physical problems are merely a toxic body reacting to improper diet and lifestyle with a weakened immune system. We suggest that rather than further weakening the immune system with toxic chemicals, burning the body with radiation, or cutting out the cancer with surgery, a far better approach is to stop putting into the body the toxic foods that created the cancer, rebuild the immune system with concentrated LIVING nutrients, and then let the body do what it was designed to do--heal itself!

At Hallelujah Acres, we teach health from a biblical perspective. We teach how God designed us to be nourished according to the teachings found in the Bible in Genesis 1:29. This teaching sounds very strange to people who have been programmed by the world's system, but multitudes are experiencing in their own bodies that what we teach is indeed truth and that it does work!

May I commend the Hallelujah Diet to you today? Give it a 21-day try and experience the difference it can make in your life!

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 95
September 17, 1999

One of the most devastating lies ever promulgated is that drugs, when administered, have some kind of healing effect upon the body. This is absolutely not true and has NO scientific foundation whatsoever. In fact, there is not a drug on planet earth that can heal anyone of anything, ever!

ALL drugs are dead, lifeless, toxic, chemical substances, and when they are introduced into the body any cessation of the symptom is merely the body reacting to the drug (poison), not the body healing. In addition, these drugs have serious side-effects, as evidenced by the Physicians Desk Reference which contains over 3,000 pages of potential adverse reactions, including death, that can occur in those who take these drugs.

In fact, the American Medical Association's own medical journal acknowledges that over 106,000 Americans die every year from adverse reactions to these doctor-prescribed drugs, while over 2,000,000 people have to be hospitalized for the same reason. Just last evening Peter Jennings on ABC television news said that 140,000 Americans die every year from these doctor-prescribed drugs. Other publications put the figure as high as 200,000.

In addition to these acknowledged deaths by the medical community, the figures do not reflect all the people who die as a result of the drugs they are taking, but whose death certificate states they died from the disease for which they were being treated.

I have said for a long time that I do not believe it was the cancer that ultimately killed my own mother, but the chemotherapy administered by the medical community. I believe that a great percentage of the deaths being attributed to cancer today are not cancer deaths at all, but deaths caused by the prescribed chemotherapy.

Many doctors and nurses who work with cancer patients have confirmed this in conversations with me. If chemotherapy did not involve such lucrative drugs (over $100,000,000,000 annually) it would have been banned a long, long time ago. Imagine drugs so potent that they can actually CAUSE cancer in a healthy person, yet they are used to treat cancer in a sick person! Why has there NEVER been a double-blind study to prove the safety of chemotherapy?

I would love to see a double-blind study done on two groups of similar cancer patients: give one group the Standard American Diet along with chemotherapy, and give the other group the Hallelujah Diet along with a placebo and WITHOUT ANY CHEMOTHERAPY. The results should be announced via every news medium.

If you will closely pay attention to the news you will find that drugs are constantly being taken off the market because the adverse effects became so devastating. More people die from the drug or its serious side effects than the scientists and drug manufacturers anticipated, so they have to eliminate its use. If you start paying attention to these revelations, you will be amazed, shocked, and outraged that they would use humans to test their drugs--and it is all legal.

Just recently this news release came off the Associated Press wire: "Eli Lilly & Co. said it no longer plans to pursue a version of its hypertension drug to treat congestive heart failure after a study earlier this year yielded poor results. In the study, there were nearly twice as many deaths among patients taking the drug as there were among those given a dummy medicine, the pharmaceutical company said. The study was halted after 53 patients on the medication died in the first six months."

More drugs are being prescribed today than at any other time in history, and the use of drugs and their cost is increasing dramatically with each passing year. HMOs have turned medical doctors into 'drug pushers' because the doctor can no longer afford to take the time to talk with a patient; instead, after a very brief examination, the doctor simply writes a prescription for a drug and goes on to the next patient. Doctors are frustrated, patients are frustrated, doctors are making less money, and the cost of healthcare in America continues to rise dramatically. It is currently over 1.2 trillion dollars annually.

What is the solution? Here at Hallelujah Acres we teach that almost all physical problems are merely a toxic body reacting to improper diet and lifestyle with a weakened immune system. We suggest that rather than further weakening the immune system with toxic chemicals (drugs), burning the body with radiation, or cutting out the lump with surgery, a far better approach is to stop putting into the body the toxic foods and drugs that created the physical problem in the first place. Why not rebuild the immune system with concentrated living nutrients and then let the body do what God designed it to do--HEAL ITSELF!

At Hallelujah Acres we teach health from a biblical perspective. We teach how God designed us to be nourished according to the teachings found in the Bible in Genesis 1:29. This teaching sounds very strange to people who have been programmed by the world's system, but multitudes are experiencing in their own bodies that what we teach is indeed truth and that it does work! In fact, it works so well that if all the people in the world would adopt this diet, we could practically eliminate sickness from the earth.

May I commend the Hallelujah Diet to you today? Give it a 21-day try and experience the difference it can make in your life! If you will do that then you can determine for yourself whether we are quacks or whether we really have hold of something that can change the world in a positive way.


The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 97
October 1, 1999

This first letter was sent to numerous family members and friends (including Dr. Malkmus) by Venus Kornelsen: "Well I can finally sit down and tell you my good news. Finally it's settled. I AM FREE FROM CANCER. Praise the Lord for healing. All I did was watch what I ate. I told my doctor today that I had started the Hallelujah diet with prayer. You should have heard the doctor. He had sent all the tissue samples to the lab, 80 of them, and they all tested negative. When he got the results back, he could not believe it, so sent them back to the lab. The lab checked the labels and they confirmed the original results. My doctor told my story to his colleagues and they didn't believe him, so they checked it out for themselves. The doctors are completely baffled, as they were sure it was malignant. My doctor gave me the test results and said, 'This is your trophy, store it well.' The first time I met my doctor, he said he was not a believer in the Hallelujah Diet. Today, he said, 'Please keep on using that diet.' He went on to say that my story should be published so that many others could be healed. He asked for the e-mail address of Dr. Malkmus and wants his name added to the Hallelujah Acres mailing list and wants to read other testimonies. Thanks so much for your prayers and concern for me."

In another letter received this week, Carol Alford writes from Kentucky: "In July, 1998, after a bone marrow biopsy and a splenectomy, I was diagnosed with Hepatosplenic Gamma/Delta T-Cell Lymphoma, which I was told was very rare. Since it was so rare and I was not ill, I asked for a second opinion. Samples from the bone marrow and spleen were sent to Mayo Clinic and the National Cancer Institute. Neither Mayo nor NCI confirmed the diagnosis of lymphoma, but rather diagnosed it as Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia. My oncologist told me that there was no treatment (thank goodness) for either disease, so I informed him that I would treat myself. I have been on the Hallelujah Diet since September 1998 after being introduced to your program by my niece (who has been free from breast cancer for four years). After being on the Hallelujah Diet for six months, I was told by my oncologist that my blood work was excellent and whatever I was doing I should continue. Last week my oncologist told me I do not have to return for a year. HALLELUJAH! I thoroughly enjoy your Health Tips each week and use Rhonda's 'Recipes for Life' cookbook every day."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 98
October 8, 1999

This first testimony is from Lisa Watkins, who writes: "My child had stage IV cancer and almost passed away two years ago. A non-traditional clinic recommended chemotherapy and radiation for this particular cancer, but also strongly advocated the Hallelujah Diet. My son responded far better than all the other children with the same disease despite his advanced stage. The doctors finally asked me what I was feeding him. When I told them they looked at each other and asked for a copy of the Hallelujah Diet for their other patients. Then an oncologist in Florida met with my parents two months ago and recommended the Hallelujah Diet to them. He told them that he had become very frustrated watching his patients die and thought 'there must be a better way.' This doctor then went on to say that when his own wife ended up with cancer he asked her to try the Hallelujah Diet and she went into complete remission and has been free of cancer for years now. He strongly advocates this way of eating to his patients. My parents (both in their 60s), since going on the Hallelujah Diet, have lost weight; have incredible energy; have lost all symptoms of arthritis; while my mother's sky- high blood pressure is gone and she is off all medications. The only change they made was in what they ate."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 99
October 15, 1999

Nancy continues: "I am excited to share with you the testimony of a 57 year old man who was discharged from the hospital in late February 1999 with a diagnosis of terminal cancer in his prostate, spine, liver and brain, on hospice care and expected to live about six months. Well, his daughter put him on a half gallon of carrot juice per day and completely adopted the Hallelujah Diet for him. Within a week he was stronger and dispensed with the walker; in short order he was walking just fine, asking to give up the morphine as his pain was diminishing; getting good reports from the doctors (M.D. as well as cancer specialists); and taking over the juicing and food preparation for himself. Today, his doctors shake their heads and have no explanation for what has happened. There is no trace of cancer anywhere; and he is strong and energetic, walking 3 to 5 miles without even getting tired."

Nancy concludes: "Every day is a new adventure! My desk is covered with thank-you cards from many appreciative people. I want to thank you once again for the way you have turned my life in a totally new direction. I could go on for pages telling you all the many ways I have been able to touch people's lives. Sometimes I get SO tired. I can just imagine how you must feel with the weight of all this on your shoulders! Good thing we are on the Hallelujah Diet or we would never make it."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 100
October 22, 1999

This first letter comes from Dr. Louis Campbell who lives in North Carolina. He writes: "I attended your seminar in Gastonia a few weeks ago, and it was great! I am sixty years old, have prostate cancer and several severe heart blockages. I have been on the Hallelujah Diet for the last two weeks and I am seeing wonders. I have already lost twelve pounds, my energy and stamina is much better, my blood pressure is normal and my cardiologist has already taken me off one medication. Just a week before coming to your seminar the doctor told me I could die at any time due to the blockages. Now I am very active, working out on a treadmill every morning, swimming, doing gardening and lawn work. Please tell me how to become a Health Minister. I am an ordained minister who pastored for many years, but presently work in the school system as a counselor and psychologist."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 102
November 5, 1999

This first letter comes in the form of an e-mail from Simon Lee: "Just a quick note to say 'thank you!' We were shown the Hallelujah Diet by a very good friend of ours after I was diagnosed with stage three lymphoma. We felt diet was the way to go but we weren't sure where to start. Anyway, after seeing your HOW TO ELIMINATE SICKNESS video, I went out and bought a juicer and started the diet that very day. Twelve weeks after starting the Hallelujah Diet the moles on my forehead were gone and my eyesight was better. Then last Thursday I had an examination and scan for my cancer and was told that my body was back to normal and they couldn't find any cancer. I know the diet works. . . ."

Don & Marilyn Beck write from Texas: "We first heard about your ministry this past summer when you were interviewed on KCBI here in Dallas. Since then we have told many about the Hallelujah Diet--including our daughter-in-law's mother who was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer in July 1999 and given six weeks to live. She has been on the Hallelujah Diet ever since and the doctors are amazed at how much her tumors have decreased. One doctor said they had decreased 'a thousand percent.' So far, she is doing very well and we are praying for a complete recovery. Last Saturday we attended your seminar in Dallas and cannot tell you how much we enjoyed hearing you speak. We are very interested in more information on becoming Health Ministers."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 105
November 26, 1999

I wish you could have been here this past weekend at our three-day Health Ministry training session. There were 171 in attendance, and on the opening night it was so thrilling as each walked across the platform to introduce themselves and share what the Hallelujah Diet had done in their individual lives. The group gave testimony of healing from almost every physical problem you could name, including at least a half dozen testimonies of healing from cancer. One Health Minister gave testimony of how her mother, who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that metastasized to the liver, was told by her doctor that he could find no trace of cancer after being on the Hallelujah Diet for a relatively short period of time. There were many shouts of 'Hallelujah' that evening!

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 106
December 3, 1999

Debbie Sharp writes: "Fairly recently, I started on your wonderful Hallelujah Diet. For a brief background, I was diagnosed with colon cancer three years ago and received six months of chemotherapy. About a year ago, I was told it had metastasized to my liver and I had 60% of my liver removed. I decided not to do chemotherapy again, although it was recommended. In July of 1999, a CAT scan showed a mass in my pancreas. Again I chose not to do the chemotherapy.

Debbie concludes: "Rather than go the chemotherapy route, I chose to start eating healthy--cutting out all meat, dairy, eggs, caffeine, sugar, etc. Since starting to eat healthy [Hallelujah Diet] some exciting things have been happening. Today, when I had my CAT scan I was naturally expecting more bad news. Rather, I was told that although they didn't understand how, my tumor was actually shrinking. I am so excited! The doctor wanted to know what I was doing, and when I told the doctor of my diet change I was told to just keep doing it. I am really hopeful and could tell you more, but must go have my carrot juice. God bless you and your wonderful message."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 110
December 31, 1999

From Linda Cole, a Health Minister in Washington state, come these words: "We continue to be GRATEFUL to GOD for the message HE has given you that is CHANGING PEOPLE'S LIVES-- 'You Don't Have to be Sick' by applying the HALLELUJAH DIET- -PRAISE THE LORD! No one has ever before taught us how to care for the body-temple that the Lord Jesus has given us for this earthly journey.

Linda continues: "Because of the HALLELUJAH DIET I have regained my health, and stayed breast cancer free for over three years, without chemotherapy, radiation or Tamoxifen. I have lost sixty pounds and feel better than I can ever remember--my allergies are gone, my blood tests are incredible--that is HALLELUJAH HEALING!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 111
January 7, 2000

This first one comes from Natalie Gomer, a 72-year-old grandmother: "I have been on the Hallelujah Diet for fourteen months. I'm a recovering colon cancer victim. According to my doctors, I should be dead--but instead, I am full of energy, and have not been back to see a doctor since making the diet change. My experience with doctors in the past ha[s] never produced healing in my body. When I received your video, 'How to Eliminate Sickness,' I watched it everyday for months, before I was finally convinced that if you could get well, why couldn't I get well also? Now, everyday, I wake up and thank the Almighty for his garden and for you. I tell anyone who will listen about the Hallelujah Diet, and my friend 'George.' I especially love the testimonies, and thrill to read about the healing of others on this diet. I am a 72-year-old grandma--but feel like I am 30--and in another six months, at the rate I am improving, will feel like a teenager!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 116
February 11, 2000

"My name is Steve Sharp. June 24, 1999, I had a small knot removed from my groin, and the doctors told me I had non- Hodgkins lymphoma. If I accepted their chemotherapy, they gave me a 60% chance of survival. After several expensive tests, they wanted to biopsy my liver just to check for cancer. I opted to go instead with the Hallelujah Diet, and this week new CAT scans and blood work show no sign of cancer! I have been sharing this Hallelujah Diet with everyone who will listen."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 117
February 18, 2000

"Dear Rev. Malkmus: As a child I was raised on the Standard American Diet. When I was 9, my mom and step-dad were divorced and our eating habits got pretty pathetic. We would drink tons of Kool-Aid and lived on Twinkies and pizza. Around 13 years of age, I started smoking--sometimes two packs a day. At 14 I started doing street drugs and drinking.

At 15 I started inhaling modeling glue and gasoline. At 16 I almost died from inhaling too much gasoline. I did drugs on a daily basis, including LSD biweekly. All the while I lived off Cap'n Crunch and whatever cost 69 cents at the store. At 17 I became pregnant, and also became a Christian.

After becoming a Christian I quit all drugs cold turkey, except smoking. At 19 I permanently quit smoking and had my second child. I weighed 180 pounds at that time. Following my son's birth, I suffered from fatigue, migraines, ovarian cysts, hypoglycemia, pimples, and a foggy brain as a result of all my drug use.

At 20 I became pregnant with baby #3 and was so sick I was nearly bedridden during the entire pregnancy with such problems as varicose veins in my uterus and a whole list of other problems.

By age 21, my weight was up to 220 pounds, and after #3 was born I became desperate to lose weight. I tried everything and nothing worked--until I finally tried the Atkins Diet-- and thought I had found a miracle. The pounds just fell off and I dropped to 145 pounds.

But my health was still failing miserably. I slept twelve hours at night, took long naps during the day, and still felt bad. I searched Dr. Atkins' books to see what I was doing wrong and started taking all the supplements he recommended--but they did not help.

At 23 I was diagnosed with level 4 cervical dysplasia (cancer), plus experiencing the following problems: migraines, severe PMS, heavy menstrual bleeding, ovarian cysts, ovulation pain, mood swings, severe depression, bad circulation, foot pain, constant back and neck pain, ringing in my ears, anxiety, anemia, moderately severe carpal tunnel syndrome, severe constipation, indigestion, heartburn, hypoglycemia, bad breath, severe acne, and hair loss. On top of all this I developed a severe infection in my uterus, and was hospitalized for three days.

But there is more: from birth, all three of my children were always ill. My first child, Jazminne, suffered from severe allergies, hearing loss, speech delay, developmental delay, chronic ear infections, had a bloated stomach and poor complexion, along with black circles under her eyes.

My son Jacob was a nightmare! From birth he was always ill, and I battled fevers several times a week with him. He had chronic ear infections, ear tubes, and had to have his adenoids removed. He cried all day and night until he was 2 1/2. He also was underweight, anemic, suffered with cradle cap, a bloated stomach, and his behavior was starting to look like ADHD.

My last baby, Alana, was born the sickest. I gave her the most expensive formula, but by the time she was 1 1/2 years old the doctor thought she had cystic fibrosis. She would poop out undigested food every day, covered with mucous. She always had a runny nose, chronic sinus infections, chronic ear infections, chronic bronchitis, and possible asthma.

But I am still not done: my husband had suffered with diarrhea since childhood. Stomachaches would keep him chained to the house for hours. He also suffered with daily headaches, fatigue, depression and heartburn.

In July of 1999 I heard about the HALLELUJAH DIET at church. That day I thought I was going to church to learn about a new diet to lose weight. Boy, did I ever lose weight, but the biggest weight I lost was all those physical problems my family and I had been suffering with for so many years.

SINCE GOING ON THE HALLELUJAH DIET SIX MONTHS AGO, ALL THE PHYSICAL PROBLEMS MY FAMILY AND I HAD SUFFERED WITH ARE GONE!!! As I wrote this testimony letter, I cried as I wrote down all the physical problems that have gone away since changing what I was eating and feeding my family. It is amazing what a difference a simple diet change has made in our family's health, and I thank the Lord every day."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 119
March 3, 2000

"Since adopting the Hallelujah Diet, I have recovered from breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, allergies, acid reflux, irritable bowel, hemorrhoids, body odor, bleeding gums, anxiety, panic attacks and fatigue--ALL ARE GONE! I am interested in becoming a Health Minister so that I can offer hope to others. I have dealt with illnesses all my life. I kept asking my doctors to educate me on how to strengthen my immune system so as to break the disease cycle in my body; I read medical journals and related materials, all to no avail. The message was always the same: no one knew why I kept getting sick and no one knew how to help me prevent it. For five years I worked in a surgical intensive care unit and for nine years in the emergency department. I was often in horror of what the patients had to endure and how they died. I want to educate people and offer them another choice. I want to empower people to take back control of their bodies and health. I want to offer people hope in place of despair, peace about the future rather than fear, confidence instead of victimization. And beyond that, I want to offer them spiritual health. As I teach people about their bodies, I will be shedding light on the glorious God who created those bodies." Pat Herwaldt, Michigan

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 127
April 28, 2000

This first one comes from Roy Orren, director of the Florida Association of Realtors: "My wife was diagnosed with sub- cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cancer in March 2000. After receiving this diagnosis, we immediately started the Hallelujah way of eating. At the time we started the diet, my wife had 28 nodes on her arms and legs. After only six weeks on the Hallelujah Diet, she now has only five visible nodes and the doctor says she is in remission. I have personally lost 17 pounds in the same six weeks. We want to attend Health Ministry training in order to learn more about this way of life so we can share it with others, as we have already watched two of our friends die from cancer."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 136
June 30, 2000

From Michigan, Willet Oeschger, age 69, writes: "For the past five years I have had high PSA numbers and many ultrasounds and tissue tests. I started reading about the Hallelujah Diet on the Internet in July '99, and was fascinated by it but was not ready to try it. In October 1999 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Two weeks later I bought a juicer and went on the Hallelujah Diet. Now for the GOOD NEWS: In October my PSA was 9.3. By February 2000 it had dropped to 7.2 and by May it was down to 6.9. The doctor is absolutely amazed. A few side benefits are that my cholesterol has dropped from 250 to 180; I have lost forty pounds in weight, and I feel great. I thank the Lord that he led me to your Web site."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 148
September 21, 2000

Each week we receive new testimonies from people who have experienced dramatic improvements in their health since adopting the Hallelujah Diet. This week's testimony is a long one, but I felt it was worth sharing in its entirety. It comes from Helen Hecker, a registered nurse, who details her experiences with breast cancer and the Hallelujah Diet:

"I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal (invasive) breast cancer in December 1999 and immediately went on the Hallelujah Diet. During the first MONTH on the diet my night blindness disappeared, my ten-year chronic sinus condition completely cleared up, my fibromyalgia disappeared, no more heartburn, and all my arthritis pains simply vanished, and I have not taken so much as a Rolaids since starting the diet.

"In addition to the Hallelujah Diet, I play tennis four times a week, expose my limbs to sunlight every day, drink three quarts of distilled water, drain my lymphatic system by rebounding two or three times a day, and much more. I also eliminated as much EXCESSIVE stress in my life as possible. But the most important thing is the DIET.

After I found the lump in December 1999 I had my first mammogram (something I was opposed to because of excess radiation, false positives, missed diagnoses, etc.), then a lumpectomy (removal) to determine that it was indeed cancer. They wanted me to have more surgery to remove 33% of my precious lymph nodes, burn me with six weeks of radiation, poison me with chemotherapy (suppressing my immune system even more), and then take a maintenance dose of the dangerous, side-effect laden Tamoxifen for five years, a drug an oncologist friend said he wouldn't let his wife take.

Well, I turned it all down. The doctors talked themselves blue in the face trying to convince me with horrible tales-- that I would wake up in six months with ribs cracking and in extreme pain--that other tumors would pop up in the other breast also--and that the cancer would metastasize to my lungs, as well as other organs and spinal column.

But I still said 'NO!' Luckily I had been a registered nurse, licensed in two states, and had started doing research in alternative methods in 1982 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors are afraid of cancer and die of cancer themselves. They are allopathic-trained to use drugs to treat every symptom or disease that comes along. Plus the drug companies are behind the A.M.A. I have been on both sides of the fence because of my nursing career.

Fortunately, one of my good friends from 1982 was the president of the International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends and she sent me Dr. Lorraine Day's videotapes on which Hallelujah Acres was highly recommended. Many of the things Dr. Lorraine Day said made sense, and so I immediately started the Hallelujah Diet and sent for Rev. Malkmus' materials.

I combed over dozens of back issues of 'Back to the Garden' newsletters--reading the testimonials over and over and over really inspired me, and assured me I was doing the right thing--and kept me from getting depressed. Also, when the 'God's Way to Ultimate Health' book arrived, I was thrilled to find four hundred more testimonials and literally hundreds of encouraging and useful tidbits. Rhonda's 'Recipes For Life' book is incredible, too. It has so many of the basics needed and goes into very good detail--very helpful for the beginner and I refer to it often.

I ordered and listened to the audio tapes, 'How to Eliminate Sickness.' I listen to them on my daily walks and in the car. I have played them probably two hundred times if not more. I almost know them by heart. They have been a constant reminder and I can't believe that each time I listen to them I learn something new. I recommend them highly. I recently watched the new juicing video and it is packed full of tips that are helping me revamp my carrot prep and cleanup. WOW! I wish I had that tape when I got my juicer.

It is now the end of August 2000. All my lab tests--liver, kidneys, white blood cell count, etc. are normal and have been since February. I have so much boundless energy from the raw food, and can go for hours--playing tennis, walking, helping others with cancer and multiple sclerosis, researching health matters, running my company. I am the mother of three and grandmother of four.

I am sixty years old and consider myself a FORMER cancer patient. I hope this helps some of your readers. So many testimonials meant so much to me. Reverend Malkmus, thank you so much for your utter devotion to this cause. You have saved thousands of lives and helped so many achieve better symptom-free lives from all types of illnesses. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 155
November 9, 2000

This next testimony comes from Health Minister Connie Roy in West Monroe, Louisiana: "I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2000. Due to other people I had seen in the past who took the doctors' treatments, I had always said that if I were ever to have cancer I would not take the treatments. It always seemed to me that those who took the treatments died sooner. The day after getting out of the hospital, my pastor gave me some tapes from Dr. Lorraine Day and I got a juicer. I also cut out all meat and dairy and began eating raw.

Some weeks later, when I went to the doctor for additional tests, THEY COULD FIND NO CANCER CELLS ANYWHERE! HALLELUJAH! It was more than an exciting moment for me and I can't put into words the way I felt. But then the doctor said he still wanted to remove the left breast and administer chemotherapy just in case the tests had missed it. I then had to go to the surgeon and tell him I was not going the world's way, but God's way."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 171
March 1, 2001

Testimonies shared in the various meetings were exceptional! Two different men diagnosed with prostate cancer had testimonies almost beyond belief. One of them was in my Bradenton, Florida seminar, where a doctor brought a 76-year-old preacher, a patient of his, whom he had placed on the Hallelujah Diet two months prior with a P.S.A of 1368. That had been reduced to 22 in two months.

Then in my Birmingham, Alabama seminar, a gentleman around 80 years of age shared how he had gone on the Hallelujah Diet after I spoke there a year ago. At the time he went on the diet he had prostate cancer with a P.S.A. of over 1300. During this year's meeting, he shared that his P.S.A., after a year on the Hallelujah Diet, was now 0.03, which is in the NORMAL range! And as you can imagine, he was shouting "Hallelujah!"

Another outstanding testimony was from a man who had been diagnosed with lung cancer caused by asbestos. He shared how his cancer had been diagnosed and confirmed by three different medical doctors, and how after going on the Hallelujah Diet they can now find no sign of the cancer. He went on to say that he had a lawsuit against his former employer because of the asbestos issue, but the lawyers say he no longer has a case because the cancer is gone.

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 174
March 22, 2001

James Horton is 74 years old, served as a missionary with Baptist World Missions in Japan for 43 years, has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and has just started on the Hallelujah Diet. Though he has just gone on our diet and does not yet have a testimony, what he shares about his son is most enlightening: "In March 1985, our son Bryce, at age 26, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. His doctor, who said he would never see another Christmas, performed surgery and started him on chemotherapy. But my son stopped this treatment and went on a 51-day fresh vegetable juice fast using a Champion Juicer. Thanks be to the good Lord and an improved diet, he is healthy today, and jogs and works a normal job. My wife has seen numbers of women in Japan, through a better diet, healed of cancer and now living healthy lives years later."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 182
May 17, 2001

Bev and Dot Shouldice: Bev and Dot live in Shallow Lake, Ontario, Canada, and were the first people to adopt what is now known as the Hallelujah Diet, way back in the late 1970s. Bev had melanoma cancer and was offered no hope by the medical community. In a search for a way to save Bev's life, they started visiting health spas and just happened to end up at the Shangri La Health Resort in Bonita Springs, Florida, where I was lecturing at the time. Bev made the diet change I was teaching, saw his cancer go away, and today in his late 80s he is still alive and well because of the Hallelujah Diet. Because of Bev and Dot's experience with the Hallelujah Diet, they were instrumental in establishing Hallelujah Acres Canada. Next week I will be with Bev and Dot as I conduct three seminars for them in Canada...

..."I am so grateful to God to be alive, celebrating almost five years of being breast cancer free without chemotherapy, radiation, or Tamoxifen. The side benefits of the Hallelujah Diet are that I am sixty pounds lighter, from a size 18 to an 8; no more allergies that I suffered with most of my life; great blood work; renewed health and energy; with a passion, purpose and praise in my life to share the Hallelujah truths with others."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 183
May 24, 2001

This first one comes from Pastor Cammy in Seattle, Washington: "Today I write on behalf of a wonderful woman in my congregation named Diana, who was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid glands and other glands in her neck. In our neighborhood there is a Hallelujah Diet/vegan living advocate named Leroy, whose wife died of cancer. He has lived his life since her death showing others that they do not have to die from these illnesses. Leroy got together with Diana and told her about the Hallelujah Diet. This was back in December 2000. Since then, Diana has had her struggles, but has done a wonderful job with the support of her family. To make a long story short, Diana had a check- up a few days ago to check on the progress of her cancer. The tests came back, and THE CANCER WAS GONE! Her cancer was healed with this diet in just a few short months! Diana, her friends and family, and congregation join in the praise to God for healing this wonderful woman. Thank you, Dr. Malkmus, for your work in the kingdom!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 196
August 23, 2001

The final testimony for this week comes from Robert Deakin, who lives in Georgia: "During the month of February 2001, I began having a lot of problems going to the bathroom and was going very frequently. On March 12, I went to my family doctor, who after examining me realized the condition I had was a lot more serious than he could diagnose. He immediately sent me to a urologist, who did an ultrasound and found that my bladder was almost completely full. They put me on a catheter to relieve my bladder and kidneys, did blood work, and sent me for a CAT scan on March 13. Then I went back the next day to have a prostate biopsy. On March 14 the urologist diagnosed me as having prostate cancer with a PSA reading of 6.5. As the doctor was giving me his prognosis, he was giving me my options as well. He recommended removal of the prostate and bladder as soon as possible. But even after this surgery, they couldn't guarantee I would be cured. They said the surgery would probably prolong my life for several years. I was given a shot they hoped would slow the cancer growth down, but there was no guarantee I would be cured.

"After listening to advice from many people, and a lot of prayer, I chose a different way than surgery. I had read about the Hallelujah Diet in George Malkmus' book 'God's Way to Ultimate Health' over 2 years before. There is a lot of wisdom in that book about what to eat and how our food relates to the body God created for us. But at the time I just ignored it and didn't think it was for me. As I read through the book a second time I realized and understood that God created our bodies to heal themselves if we treat them as the temple of the Holy Spirit, as God's Word tells us we should.

"I began the Hallelujah Diet in April 2001. At that time, many people were praying for me and even though I was second-guessed by a few people, I had complete peace in my spirit about what I was doing and knew I was on a walk with Jesus. Before going on the Hallelujah Diet, I hadn't felt good for years! But since going on the Hallelujah Diet, I have lost 25 pounds and haven't looked or felt this good in years.

"I returned to the urologist on June 5 for a follow-up appointment. I shared with him what I was doing, and he examined me and gave me an ultrasound. The examination revealed that my left kidney was back to normal size and my prostate, though still inflamed, had gotten smaller, which meant the cancer was smaller. On June 12 I had blood work done and another CAT scan. On June 13 the doctor informed me that my PSA reading, which had been 6.5 in April, was now down to 1.0. He also informed me that the lymph nodes were no longer swollen and confirmed that the left kidney was back to normal.

"I give God all the glory for this good report. I'll go back for another follow-up visit in September. By the way, on July 16, I went to my family doctor, who weighed me and took my blood pressure. My weight had dropped from 189 pounds on April 12 to 160, while my blood pressure had dropped from 140/90 to 108/70. Everyone at the doctor's office was amazed. Also, my hair is growing back in the bald spot on the back of my head and also where my hair was receding on the front of my head."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 204
October 18, 2001

Glenda Burns writes: "I am 58 years old and in April 2001 was diagnosed with second stage melanoma on my upper back and fourth stage melanoma on my upper right arm. I was scheduled for surgery June 6, but on June 1 I found a new doctor, cancelled the surgery, and he put me on the Hallelujah Diet. . . . This week, on October 1, my doctor said I am clear of all cancer! I intend to remain on this Hallelujah Diet forever, as I totally believe it's the only way we should eat. I have dropped 18 pounds. My blood pressure has always been on the low side and is even lower now, but my doctor says the numbers are fine. I do feel great and have no lack of energy. And I never crave the junk food I used to eat. I have two horses and do all the work involved in caring for them with no problem."

Glenda continues: "I lost my daughter to non-Hodgkins lymphoma in May 1999. She was diagnosed at age 17 and died at age 21. We touched on the natural way the last two years of her life but had no clue how important the diet was. She had the 'best' conventional medical treatments. I wish I had known then what I know now..."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 227
March 28, 2002

adopting the Hallelujah Diet. This week's testimony comes from 74-year-old Basil Murphy, who lives in California. Basil writes:

"Dear Rev. Malkmus, you have been such a great help to me in overcoming my life-and-death battle against cancer that I would like to send you my testimony:

"When I had a small lump removed from the right side of my neck in December of 1999, it was diagnosed as lymphoma cancer. After the surgery, my surgeon said all the cancer had been removed.

"However, when CT scans of my entire body were taken in January 2000, third stage lymphoma cancer was found in my abdomen and the doctor advised me to begin chemotherapy treatments immediately. His nurse said that if I didn't receive chemotherapy, I would experience lots of pain within a couple of months.

"I had previously seen a friend suffer terribly from chemotherapy, and she did not survive, even after enduring those painful treatments. I agonized at the thought of going through the same procedure, and it wasn't until I made the decision not to accept chemotherapy that a peace and calm came over me.

"I am 74 years old and have lived a productive life. If it would be 'my time to go,' I was ready! I am a born-again Christian and know that the next life will be much better than life here on earth. If the Lord wanted to take me now, that was all right with me. So I informed my oncologist that I would not accept chemotherapy and my family supported my decision.

"Shortly after my decision to refuse chemotherapy, my daughter Colleen heard about Hallelujah Acres and your diet. After prayerful consideration, I contacted Hallelujah Acres and began the Hallelujah Diet. I followed your diet religiously--after all, for me this was a matter of life or death.

"When my children learned about my cancer, they decided to take care of me while I was still alive, and so I moved in with my daughter Gail, and her family supported me by also going on this vegan diet.

"In June 2000, I had another CT scan which revealed that, although there were still some enlarged lymph nodes, they were smaller and less numerous than they were six months prior. For me, this was most encouraging and I faithfully continued on the Hallelujah Diet.

"I continued to have CT scans every six months, which continued to show my condition was improving. My last scan, taken in January 2002, reads: 'NEGATIVE FOR EVIDENCE OF PROGRESSION OF DISEASE. IN FACT, THERE APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN RESOLUTION OF 1 CM. PRECARINAL LYMPH NODE.'

"Now, two years after my doctor's diagnosis of third stage lymphoma, I am free of cancer and live an active life at a senior apartment complex. I am still alive to enjoy this beautiful California sunshine as I go golfing with friends every week, and also am strong enough to help a friend as a handyman to do painting, yard work, trim trees, plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work. And as for that extra bedroom my daughter Gail had prepared for me to spend my last days--it is now used by my grandson for his computer equipment."

Attached to Basil's letter and testimony was another letter. This one comes from Basil's neighbor, Claire Malis, who writes: "I am a friend of Basil Murphy, and live in the same complex. I can vouch for his wonderful recovery. There are 165 apartments in the facility where we live. Basil Murphy, who worked for years as a Los Angeles meat cutter, is considered a 'walking miracle' in this facility. He steadfastly stayed with the Hallelujah Acres vegan diet and today has more stamina and strength than most of us who never had to battle such a debilitating illness."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 230
April 18, 2002

"I had a difficult time getting pregnant. Then, when I prayed and asked God for a child . . . He answered my prayer with a baby girl! Then I prayed for a second child, and He answered my prayer with a baby boy! I did not ask God for my third child, he was just a gift from God! Because of this pregnancy, I found out early on that I had cancer in my body that I did not previously know about. Following is an account of the progress of the cancer and then the healing of my cancer:

  • Breast cancer diagnosis (after becoming pregnant) in May of 1999.
  • Had lumpectomy--lymph margins clear.
  • Refused to accept chemotherapy while pregnant.
  • Had Daniel, a beautiful healthy baby, in November 1999.
  • Went back to work thinking I was OK.
  • In May of 2000, started having sharp pains in my lower back that radiated down my leg. Also had numbness in toes and extreme pain.
  • MRI revealed destructive mass in lower back and that the cancer had metastasized to my spine.
  • In June of 2000, a bone scan revealed cancer in my bones.
  • I was given Demerol in its strongest form (with push button) to try to relieve the extreme pain I was experiencing.
  • In August 2000, I started chemotherapy.
  • Received radiation therapy during August, September, and October 2000.
  • During this time, I could do nothing for myself and received home health care.
  • A second bone scan in November 2000 revealed my cancer was getting worse and was upgraded to 'stage four.'
  • I now weighed over 200 pounds.
  • In May 2000, I started doing the Hallelujah Diet off and on, but was still eating fish and chicken.
  • Went to Rev. Malkmus' seminar on January 25, 2001 and began the Hallelujah Diet and lifestyle 100%. Exercised, drank distilled water, juiced, ate living foods, 85% raw, 15% cooked, with no milk, meat, white flour products, sugar, or salt.
  • Had a cleansing crisis, then began feeling better and better each day.
  • Began to feel my fingers and toes again.
  • In April 2001, I asked for another bone scan.
  • The technician asked 'Are you sure you had a bone cancer diagnosis?'
  • And my doctor informed me: 'Reports show you are cancer FREE!'
  • Have lost over 25 pounds since starting the Hallelujah Diet 100% on January 25, 2001. Have significantly increased energy, while my stage 4 cancer is simply GONE!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 237
June 6, 2002

This week's testimony comes from Duane O., who lives in Texas:

"I accepted Christ as my personal savior as a teenager, but for the past several years have not walked close to the Lord. I never thought any serious illness would come my way. When cancer hit me--it was a rude awakening and I realized that I had not previously been trusting God with most of the things in my life, and now I was going to have to trust Him WITH MY LIFE! I then promised God that I would use this cancer to glorify Him, no matter what the outcome.

"I was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on June 14, 2001. I had gone into the hospital thinking I had gallbladder problems. The doctors ran a CT scan and reported that my gallbladder was fine, but that they had found a mass of approximately one inch. After several doctors reviewed my report, I was told I needed the mass surgically removed. A surgeon met with me to explain the seriousness of the operation and stated that 50% or greater of my pancreas would have to be removed, along with my spleen.

"I left the hospital on June 18 and met with an internist, who recommended a specialist, who did an EGD, ERC procedure, and a biopsy. The test confirmed that the mass was malignant. Surgery was performed on July 20. They took out 70% of my pancreas and my spleen. During this surgery they found that the cancer had spread to my liver. They took a biopsy of the largest spot and found it too was malignant. There were also cancer spots throughout the liver. This was certainly not the news we wanted to hear and a lot of decisions were placed in front of me.

"While in the hospital, chemotherapy was recommended. I searched for a doctor who wouldn't recommend chemotherapy, without success. Finally I found a doctor who said he would monitor me even though he also recommended chemotherapy, which I refused. This same doctor continues to monitor me and record my progress to this day.

"Then in August 2001 a good friend gave me the tape, 'Why Christians Get Sick' and information on the Hallelujah Diet. I immediately started juicing and doing the Hallelujah Diet. I drink 32 ounces of carrot juice and 32 ounces of beet/carrot juice combination daily. I also take 4 to 5 tablespoons of Barleygreen daily, along with raw fruits and vegetables, and drink only distilled water. Fiberblend was also added to my diet for a body/colon cleansing. It was all very radical, but my condition was also very serious . . .

"Since going on the Hallelujah Diet, I have been able to work and maintain a normal life, and I have not had a single allergy attack, which previously happened numerous times every spring and fall. And in December 2001, after going through a series of tests, my doctor told me that my tumors were now looking more like cysts and less cancerous. He encouraged me to keep up with my prayer and faith and to stay on my diet.

"On February 20, 2002, just 8 months after being told of the mass/cancer, I again had the usual tests . . . CT scan, MRI, and octreoscan, and met with my doctor. This time the tests were very different. The tests showed 'no dominant pleural or parenchymal-based masses.' We asked the doctor exactly what this all meant. He stated that it meant that there was no more cancer! HALLELUJAH! There were no spots on the liver and the spot on the pancreas did not respond to contrasts, therefore being non-cancerous.

"We were elated and praised the Lord for what He had done! The doctor admitted that I was cured of cancer with my faith and my diet. Once a month my doctor invites all of his patients to a cancer support group, and he has asked me to come to the session and share my faith and my diet with his patients . . .

"What I first saw as a rude awakening has become a bittersweet experience. Through all my disease and disappointment, I know that I have peace because of that one important decision I made as a teenager years ago. 'For me to live is Christ and to die is gain" (Philippians 1:21). "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" (III John 2).

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 239
June 21, 2002

This first testimony comes from Venus K., who lives in Costa Rica: "In 1999, after having had symptoms of colon cancer for a long time, tests showed malignancy. The doctor suggested taking out portions of my colon, and that I use a bag for the rest of my life. But I rather decided to go on the Hallelujah Diet. Four weeks after starting the diet, the tumor had shrunk and it had lost its malignancy. But the diet did more than that. I also had had high blood pressure for a long time, and even though I was using pills against it, with the diet it came back to normal without the pills. I have been on the Hallelujah Diet since 1999 and there is still no sign of cancer. I did stray from the diet after the first year and got carried away with eating other foods, and my blood pressure went high again. Even with 20 mg. of Accupril I could not keep it down. Then I went back on the Hallelujah Diet full swing again, and can testify that the blood pressure is better now without pills than it was with the pills. I do aerobic and other exercises. My weight has dropped 10 pounds . . . I feel very good . . . I believe we can learn to maintain the health of our bodies by what we eat, just as well as we maintain a motor by the fuel we put in the tank. How can we expect to build a good house if we use rotten materials? I am 59 [years old] now and feel better than I did years ago."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 241
July 3, 2002

This first testimony came to us from Micheline, who lives in Lake St. Paul, Quebec, Canada. The testimony was written in the French language, so we had to have it translated into English by one of our French/English speaking Health Ministers in Montreal. Thank you, Dennis Letendre, for the translation so that we here at Hallelujah Acres, and our readers, could rejoice in another "Hallelujah" testimony. Micheline wrote:

"I had two cancerous tumors according to my doctor. I was suffering from Meniere's syndrome, dizziness, and unbearable vomiting at least twice a year for the past 21 years. I also had suffered with palpitations and arrhythmia for the past 30 years. Since my operation, where they removed my uterus and ovaries, I had experienced all the unpleasant signs of menopause, not to mention the arthritis and rheumatism pains in my neck, elbows, knees, hips, fingers and toes and the abdominal pain which kept me from being physically active. Within one month [after adopting The Hallelujah Diet], the joint pains had disappeared and I could do my greetings to the sun easily every morning. Within four months, the second tumor had melted like snow under the sun. It will be now eleven months since I am on living foods and all other symptoms are gone. All I have left is a small tumefaction. Of course I feel full of energy and am very rarely tired. I would like everyone to know this happiness. My mind remains clear and alert, while my heart shares positive emotions with everyone I meet. Yes, healing is possible, and I will add, our health is a responsibility that nobody else can take care of for us."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 245
August 2, 2002

"Shortly after being diagnosed with INCURABLE MULTIPLE MYELOMA CANCER in January 2001, and given only three months to live, I received a call from a friend I had not seen for 27 years. She told me about The Hallelujah Diet, but I was determined to stick with my radiation, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplant treatment plan.

"But shortly after one cycle of chemotherapy in March 2001, my neck broke at T1, where they had found a tumor. As a result, I was paralyzed from the neck down and had to go into the hospital for emergency surgery. I stayed in the hospital for 4 months fighting infection and trying to recover enough strength to be able to continue chemotherapy.

"At one point, another patient's son came to talk to me and told me how he had been cured of cancer using The Hallelujah Diet. My doctors had given up on me and thought I wouldn't survive much longer. So I started The Hallelujah Diet and begged my family and friends to bring me 'living' food to eat.

"I was in a race against time, really! I needed physical recovery so that I could continue with the treatment of the cancer. The last Oncologist to visit me in the hospital said 'I could survive perhaps another six months without treatment,' because for some strange reason my cancer seemed to be going into remission.

"In July 2001, I was sent home, still paralyzed, but able to get into a wheelchair for a few hours per day. I eventually started standing with a walker, taking steps, and exercising as much as possible. I returned to my Oncologist in August 2001, who said he would hold off treatment for the time being.

"Well, nearly a year later, I am STILL in remission and have had NO further treatments! I have been to Dr. Bernstein, the Multiple Myeloma and bone marrow transplant specialist at Stanford University, for a bone marrow transplant work-up. He says that although I still have signs of the disease in my system, I do not need any transplant at present, and that I can just continue enjoying my good health until a relapse, at which point the bone marrow transplant will be my next treatment.

"But it gets better! Not only am I mobile again, I am now walking two to three miles a day, and have not felt in such great shape in years. All my doctors agree I am a medical miracle. But had it not been for that call from my dear friend last year [who told me about The Hallelujah Diet], who knows where I would be today!

"I have learned that we can have control over our health by simply changing our habits! God bless you!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 257
October 24, 2002

The first one testimony comes from Health Minister Merle du Rand who lives in South Africa: "Hello George & Rhonda and all at Hallelujah Acres. This is just to let you know that this month is my 3rd anniversary since being diagnosed with breast cancer, and I AM STILL ALIVE AND VERY MUCH WELL. I have never been for surgery or chemotherapy -- only been on The Hallelujah Diet. Hallelujah! Praise God!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 275
February 25, 2003

Nancy writes from upstate New York: "I was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER, for the second time, on May 31, 2002. I had previously had BREAST CANCER nineteen years ago. This time, I decided against traditional treatments, against my oncologist's recommendation, and chose rather to go on The Hallelujah Diet. I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for eight months now, and have NO SIGN OF BREAST CANCER! Praise the Lord! Since making the diet change, I have also gone FROM A SIZE 14/16 TO A SIZE 8, and have no more BACK PAIN or STIFFNESS like I used to."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 314
November 25, 2003

This first letter comes from Peggy Benoit who is 57 years old: "Seventeen months ago, after being DIAGNOSED WITH INVASIVE DUCTAL CARCINOMA (CANCER) OF THE BREAST, I went on The Hallelujah Diet. I refused surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and fifteen months later, my oncologist COULD NOT FIND ANY CANCER. I am so grateful to God and Hallelujah Acres! Now I get calls from people frequently asking Ďhow I overcame my breast cancer.í My husband and I came up for the five-day retreat at the Hallelujah Lifestyle Center in 2002 and truly enjoyed it! I am thinking about becoming a Health Minister."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 330
March 16, 2004

Roy P. is a married 52-year-old resident of Lubbock, Texas, and works as a Food Service Director. "I heard Dr. Malkmus speak in Tulsa, Oklahoma in March 2002. I had been diagnosed with PROSTATE CANCER in January 2002. After hearing Dr. Malkmus speak, I immediately went on The Hallelujah Diet and saw my PSA drop from 6.9 to 3.3 in just 2 months, and now I FEEL NO MORE SYMPTOMS OF PROSTATE CANCER AT ALL. I have LOST A TOTAL OF 55 POUNDS since making the diet change and seen my CHOLESTEROL DROP FROM 240 TO 178." Roy wants to attend Health Minister training because: "I feel that God guided me to this Hallelujah Diet and used it to heal me! Now, it is my time to give back to others in need. In order to do this, I need to have the right training, and that is why I am applying for Health Minister training."

Estella C, is a married 50-year-old, who lives in Arcadia, California. She works for a financial planning firm as a Senior Planning Assistant: "I had a LUMP IN MY BREAST in September 2002. I was introduced to The Hallelujah Acres ministry by Dr. Lorraine Day. I immediately adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and the LUMP DISAPPEARED! I was thrilled and very excited! Now the Lord has directed me to share this Health Message with others. Since making the diet change, not only has the lump in my left breast disappeared, but I have also seen my CHOLESTEROL REDUCE FROM 210 TO 170, and I now have LOTS OF ENERGY!

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 341
June 1, 2004

"Hi George, Here is another weight loss testimony from Illinois. I started on The Hallelujah Diet July 4, 2001 after finding a LUMP IN MY BREAST the size of a golf ball. I did some searching on the Internet and bought the video 'You Canít Improve on God,' by Dr. Lorraine Day. Dr. Day recommended your book, 'Godís Way to Ultimate Health.' After adopting The Hallelujah Diet, I started losing weight rapidly and feeling better than I can ever remember. I am now 60 POUNDS LIGHTER, have more energy, no more headaches, no more sinus problems, this past winter was the first time I didn't get sick in a long time (maybe ever), and the LUMP IN MY BREAST IS GONE! I tell people about The Hallelujah Diet, and most think it is too drastic. But I have to tell you that my daughter works in bill collections, and sheís telling her clients about The Hallelujah Diet. One man told her last October that the doctors had told him that he had 5 months to live. So she told him to get on your Hallelujah website. Three days ago, this same man called back to report that his doctors didnít know what he was doing, but heís doing great. He is off his medications and knows he is going to make it. Thank you so much for the information and the needed support to maintain The Hallelujah Diet. It was hard in the beginning, I think because I didn't know anyone who ate this way, and also because of all the temptations and opinions of well-meaning people. So I just kept praying, reading testimonies, and talking to others on your 'Discussion Forum.' After awhile it wasnít hard at all! People often say, 'But you have such will power.' I respond: 'It's not will power, it's faith!' Thank you again, and God bless all of you at Hallelujah Acres."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 346
July 6, 2004

Health Minister Deborah Martin writes from Oviedo, Florida: "In our ministry here in Florida we had a friend that had LYMPHOMA. Two years ago, he went on The Hallelujah Lifestyle and IS NOW 100% HEALED! He was very aggressive and devoted to The Hallelujah Diet. Mac is in his 50s and he lost his mother a few years ago to Lymphoma. While on The Hallelujah Diet, Mac had a doctor that worked with him and monitored his progress. Mac did not do any kind of treatments. He just did the Hallelujah Lifestyle and did it 120%. Mac even reduced his work schedule to a 4-day workweek and only 6-hour days, to allow time for his walking and juicing along with his food prep time. Mac also made sure he was in bed every night between 8-9 PM. Mac kept a diary of his progress, along with a diary of how many pounds of greens he ate, carrots he juiced, miles he walked, hours of sleep, etc. The Hallelujah Diet, devotion to it, and prayer, IS THE ANSWER!"

This final testimony comes from Health Minister Gerene Butterfield, who ministers in Concord, North Carolina: "I have a male in his late 30's or early 40's that was diagnosed with STAGE 3 LYMPHOMA. He is on the Hallelujah Lifestyle and doing very well. He is being monitored at Duke Hospital in Durham, North Carolina, but has received no treatment. TUMORS ARE SHRINKING, BLOOD WORK IS LOOKING GOOD. HE IS LOOKING AND FEELING GREAT! He left for vacation today."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 347
July 13, 2004

Now letís hear from Rodney: "Very few, if any of us, would admit to CHOOSING DEATH OVER LIFE, yet most of us do so every day, simply by the lifestyle choices that we make. Hello, my name is Rodney and I am married to Catherine, and yes, like most of us do every day, I was CHOOSING DEATH RATHER THAN LIFE.

"How, you may ask? Let me explain. My previous lifestyle was that of a hard-driven working man who had buried grief, unresolved anger, and not able to love easily - thus I was under stress. Coupled to all this, I was your average meat- eating, three vegetables, some salads, very little fruit, sweet tooth, coffee drinking, no regular exercise KIWI. I believed that I was eating and living healthily although colds and the flu were more and more affecting me. But I had no major health problems up till the age of 52.

"In November 1994, after experiencing some pain in my stomach that was bad enough to send me to the doctor, I was diagnosed as suffering with stage-two Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a condition that has no know cure, but could sometimes be controlled by chemotherapy. In January 1995, the Oncologist informed us that the tumors were of the type that were very slow growing, and that I should carry on with my life as normal. However, by May of the same year, after yet another CT scan, the tumors were found to have grown alarmingly, and for the next six months I took chemotherapy. In December, another CT scan showed that the tumors had shrunk - that was the good news, but I was left with some not-informed-of side effects, which led to a brain scan in February 1996. The Oncologist told us that he was looking for Spinal Meningitis, a possible side effect of the treatments I had been receiving.

"This so alarmed us, that Catherine approached a Nutritionist friend in March. She sent us a barley powder product, along with an audiotape by Rev. Malkmus. This tape had a profound effect on me, so much so, that I CHANGED MY LIFESTYLE AND DIET AND BECAME A HEALTH MINISTER WITH HALLELUJAH ACRES.


The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 349
July 27, 2004

"Hugh C. used to be on the board of Directors for a local bank when I worked there. He owns and retired from (a company in Maryville). Anyway, he and his wife have been coming to the meetings. He told everyone Wednesday night that he had been diabetic since 1992. He went on the (Hallelujah) diet when he first started attending our class. He is completely off his medicine and his insulin level is perfect. What a testimony! He said he was inspired by John L's testimony who had halved his insulin in a short while and came off all his medicine. John L. is the husband of Mira L. who has stage IV breast cancer that has metastasized to the lungs. She was already on oxygen and had fluid on her lungs when she started The Hallelujah Diet. When she went back to her doctor after a few weeks on the diet, the fluid was gone, and the nodules on her lungs were 97% gone. They told her to keep doing what she was doing. She did, and the next time she went to the doctor, they were completely gone. Prior to this, they were going to remove her breast. Now the tumor has shrunk so much they are waiting to see if it completely goes away. Praise the Lord! She is telling her story all over Blount County. Leon and I were at her house when they came and picked up her oxygen because she doesnít need it anymore. Do you know what a miracle this is? Their son has been diabetic for 8- years. He is now insulin free since starting the program (Hallelujah Diet).

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 352
August 17, 2004

"On October 9th, 1999, Liz, my wife and I went to bed early with plans to get up in the morning and fly to British Columbia to ride horses in the mountains for a few days. After I got in bed I was awakened a few times with a lot of pain. Liz said that we would have to cancel our travel plans and I said 'NO' THAT I WOULD BE ALL-RIGHT. Around 2 o'clock in the morning, I started urinating blood and we got ready and drove to the hospital.

"The admitting doctor said he thought I had kidney stones and so they put me on a saline solution intravenously and asked me to tell them when I quit urinating blood. Also, they started giving me morphine for the pain. During the next 5 days they gave me many tests - over $30,000 worth. Around the 5th day, my doctor came in and broke the news that I had RENAL CARCINOMA (CANCER) IN MY LEFT KIDNEY AND A SPOT BEHIND MY RIGHT EYE. He said they would have to operate and remove the left kidney right away. Because of the information I had on alternative medicine and my faith in God, I said 'NO' I would not be having any operation!

"They then sent me to another doctor, but I have forgotten what he specialized in. I remember he set up a little podium and started giving me a talk on why I should have the operation right away. My patience had drawn thin and I asked him to leave. My doctor was very upset with me that I would not follow his recommendations. He said that I would have to go home and suffer the consequences of refusing the surgery. He said to at least fill two prescriptions - one for high blood pressure (mine being about 200 at the time) and the other for pain. He told me terrible pain would come.

"While we were driving home, Liz asked me if we should stop at a drug store. I said 'NO' I was going to TRUST GOD and START ON THE HALLELUJAH DIET. We made fresh carrot juice, and I drank eight 8-ounce glasses every day. I also started to have a fruit plate for lunch and a LARGE RAW GREEN SALAD for dinner each and every day. Within a few days I was talking to Dr. Malkmus from Hallelujah Acres, and he said if he had an active cancer he would not eat fruit. He told me that the natural sugars in fruit might be helping spread my cancer. So I quit eating fruit for one meal and ate another salad instead. I had previously heard Dr. Malkmus on the 700-Club and then had checked out his web site.

"The first morning home, Liz and I went out for a walk. I could only walk about 50 feet and was exhausted. My faith was really being tested at this point. The next morning we went walking again and I could walk a little further. We kept walking everyday and in about a month I could walk about two miles. I have learned that daily exercise is as important as a diet change.

"My youngest son James, age 35 at the time, and single, came to see me about every day and encouraged me to get a bike and I did. Each day we went out riding and I soon could ride between 10 and 15 miles. One day we made a mistake in our directions and rode over 30 miles without any problem.

"I bought a device to measure my blood pressure as soon as I got out of the hospital and I developed a form on my computer to keep track of my blood pressure and weight. Immediately after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my blood pressure started dropping. Within two weeks, without medication, my blood pressure was normal, 120/70. I also started losing weight - close to a pound per day. Within two to three months I had lost 70 pounds, and that is the weight I still am today, four and a half years after changing my diet.

"After I had been home about two weeks, I had an appointment with an oncologist. She looked over all the test results and confirmed that I had 4th STAGE RENAL CARCINOMA IN MY LEFT KIDNEY and a BIG SPOT OF CANER BEHIND MY RIGHT EYE. She said that she thought the cancer had metastasized throughout my whole body, and that the cancer was so advanced that she did not think I should be operated on. She said for me to just go home and when the pain came again, to call her and she would give me pills for the pain. I asked her how long she thought I had to live and she said between six months and two years at the most. This was a real shock to me. I wanted to go to heaven, but I am in no great hurry!

"After returning home from the doctors, my phone started to ring. Cousins I had not heard from for years called me. Churches started praying for me all over Canada and the U.S.A. This was most encouraging. . . .

"I kept on the diet, exercise, and drinking carrot juice and NEVER FELT ANY PAIN AT ANY TIME. It is over four and a half years ago now. I believed then and I believe now that God is the only one that knows when we are going to die. Let me repeat that even if God had not healed me miraculously, God could also have healed me through my following His original Biblical instructions for diet (Genesis 1:29) and exercise. When we follow the instructions that God gives us in the Bible about the care of our bodies, good things happen.

"Some people ask why I remain on The Hallelujah Diet after all of the cancer is gone? My thinking is: 'Why should I go back to the diet that CAUSED all of my problems in the first place!"

"P.S. Four and a half years later my weight and blood pressure remain the same. I have not taken any medication throughout this period of time and have not been to see any doctors for any reason. I plan to go back to the oncologist this summer and be re-tested to verify that I am still cancer free, and so that my testimony can be used for medical documentation."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 359
October 5, 2004

This first one comes from Nancy S., who writes: "Dear George, I was at Hallelujah Acres this past April, and my husband and I have been on The Hallelujah Diet since May 2004. In August, my dermatologist did a biopsy of a lesion on my back and I was told that it was SKIN CANCER. He then scheduled me to have it removed on September 10. So I increased my carrot juice from 2 eight-ounce glasses to 4 eight-ounce glasses. After about 5 weeks, my husband said the cancer looked like it was HEALING. When I went to my dermatologist to have it removed, he told me the LESION WAS GONE and that he would monitor it. I guess God knew I would need the instructions I received at your wonderful Hallelujah Acres facility back in April. Thank you for your program. It may have saved my life!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 362
October 26, 2004

"After becoming a Health Minister, the first person I was able to help was a woman who had just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of BREAST CANCER. Through God's leading, she felt she should completely go on The Hallelujah Diet, instead of accepting chemotherapy and surgery. Within THREE months of making the diet change, her TUMOR WAS ALMOST GONE AND THERE WAS NO SIGNS OF CANCER IN HER BODY. After a complete PET Scan a month or so later, she was told there was NOTHING CANCEROUS in her body anymore!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 367
November 30, 2004

From Kentucky, Judy writes: "Dear Jenny, I was diagnosed with LEUKEMIA in February 2001. I had a dear friend come to me with news of a different lifestyle. She brought me organic food, a barley powder, and made me aware of The Hallelujah Diet and website. Long story short: Through many life style changes and the grace and mercy of my Lord, I HAVE EXPERIENCED TOTAL HEALING! I never took the first medical treatment. I had the support of my family, church family and friends. I canít imagine going through what you had to endure by yourself."

I am out of room, so will close with this letter from Tina: "My dearest Jenny, I have been at the same place you have been. It is a lonely road, but there are those who have gone on before us. I also had to do my own research and it was one of the most interesting, intriguing, life changing, lonely roads I have ever been on. After adopting [The Hallelujah Diet, rather than accepting medical treatments], I went to see a cancer specialist, because all my friends thought I had lost my mind. Well, that was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. The doctor wanted to take off both my breasts and all the underarm lymph nodes, for just a tiny, tiny lump. I told him that he wasnít going to touch me, and he blew up, slamming the door as he stomped off. The sad thing was that there were so many other women in his waiting room, and you know that what he said he was going to do to me, he was going to do to them. However, I am special and you are special. You are special to God and now you are special to me. You are in my prayers and in my heart. After just two months of eating natural foods, I HAD NO MORE CANCER. I have now been CANCER FREE FOR 3 YEARS."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 368
December 7, 2004

Martin writes: "Hello Dear One, I am a 73-year old man who had CANCER IN MY STOMACH, COLON, AND HEAD over 20 years ago. When I found out I had the cancers I thought about my choices and noticed that almost everyone who went the doctor route, ended up in the cemetery. I decided that God had a better way! God met my needs by sending a man with the same diet information you have been given by Hallelujah Acres, and I am STILL GOING STRONG AT 73. Thank God for the wake-up call that you have been given. Do what you know is right and don't look for approval from anyone. My diet change was rejected by friends and family."

This next one comes from Kay: "Hi Jenny, My mom was diagnosed with STAGE IV BREAST CANCER, and the doctor told her that the cancer had most likely spread to other organs. My mom also had ACID REFLUX. Her breast was so swollen she did not have a nipple, and the breast was hot and hard. The doctor told her that all he could do was remove her breast. I asked the doctor what the chances of the cancer returning were if he removed the breast, and he answered '75 percent.' I was already familiar with Dr. Lorraine Day and already had her tape 'Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore.' Just 2-weeks before mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had been on the Internet and just happened to stumble upon The Hallelujah Diet. So, the same day mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (July 26, 2004) I put her on The Hallelujah Diet. Today (November 23, 2004), my mom's sharp PAINS HAVE LEFT, THE FEVER IN HER BREAST IS GONE, THE SWELLING IS LEAVING, AND YOU CAN SEE HER NIPPLE AGAIN! PRAISE GOD! She has also LOST 30 POUNDS, and NO LONGER HAS TO TAKE TUMS FOR ACID REFLUX."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 369
December 14, 2004

Health Minister Laurie Dunford writes from Canada: "Hi Jenny, I was very touched by your letter. I was also diagnosed with BREAST CANCER, Stage 3B. The kind I had was very aggressive and the doctors told me I had only a 30% chance of survival, even with chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. For this particular cancer, chemotherapy is given first, then surgery and then radiation. I did do the chemotherapy because I knew nothing about natural healing at the time, but instead of going for surgery, I went down to a clinic in Mexico where I was introduced to a vegan, raw food diet. When I came back to Canada, somebody told me about Dr. Lorraine Day and I got her videos. On a couple of her videos, she talked about Hallelujah Acres, and so I ordered [Dr. Malkmus' book] 'God's Way to Ultimate Health.' After reading that book, I knew for sure I would get better without surgery. I have been on The Hallelujah Diet now for three and a half years and my cancer has been gone for over two years. I took the Hallelujah Acres Health Minister Training in Canada and am currently leading support groups to help others learn this lifestyle. You will get better if you will stay on The Hallelujah Diet."

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 370
December 20, 2004

"Ed D. writes: "Jenny, as I read your letter I was moved with compassion for you and your children. I too, was once given up to die by the doctors, in February 2001. I was given only 3 to 4 months to live because of a very aggressive type of BRAIN CANCER. One month before I found out I had brain cancer, I had been suffering with acid reflux problems and a friend told me about George Malkmus and The HALLELUJAH DIET! I researched it and started the diet immediately. Because of my research, I knew that if I were ever faced with cancer, I would not take the harmful treatments that the 'mainstream medical field' tries to convince everyone, to be the only viable options. So when I had the surgery and the doctors could only get 75% of the tumor, I didnít lose hope and give up, but continued on the diet God had led me to. Well, after a year on The Hallelujah Diet, the doctor said all that they could see in my MRI was scar tissue, the aftermath of the surgery. God is good, and I believe that He used this Hallelujah Diet to help me receive my healing. Don't give up, and please don't feel alone, because I as well as many others are praying for you!"

The Hallelujah Health Tip
Issue No. 374
January 18, 2005

"Dear Dr. Malkmus: My name is Darlene and I was diagnosed with a rare form of LEUKEMIA in 2002. My doctors told me that I had about 5-years to live and that, unfortunately, there was no effective treatment for my leukemia. After two years had gone by, still no effective treatment had become available for me, and I was feeling sicker and weaker by the day. As a devout Christian, I prayed to the Lord to guide me. In March 2004, during one of the many on-line searches to understand the progression of my rare leukemia, I came across the Hallelujah Acres web page. I didn't find anything on leukemia, although I did read about other types of cancers that were helped by The Hallelujah Diet. I read about the importance of eating live food because our bodies where made up of live cells. It seemed so right, so I immediately embraced The Hallelujah Diet. I made certain modifications to it however. That is, I virtually eliminated all sugars, including those found in fruits and their juices. I began juicing twice a day, primarily dark leafy-green organic vegetables mixed with organic carrots. WITHIN FOUR MONTHS I FELT UNUSUALLY HEALTHY. I DIDN'T FEEL WEAK OR FATIGUED. MY DEPRESSION DISAPPEARED. I told my husband, who is an ordained minister, that I felt quite well for a person who had been sentenced to death. When I went to the doctor that week, he told me that there was something odd in my blood test/flow cytometry. I was concerned! He then told me that he COULDN'T FIND THE LEUKEMIA! He wanted me to have another bone marrow biopsy, but I wasn't ready. (I had already had two in the past, and the results of the second were worse than the first.) I told him that I wanted to wait a little longer. He agreed. Four months later he insisted that I have the biopsy, because again, MY BLOOD SHOWED NO SIGNS OF CANCER. This time I said 'yes.' Two weeks later I had my third bone marrow biopsy. A week later the doctor called me to his office and told me THAT THERE WERE NO SIGNS OF LEUKEMIA IN MY BONE MARROW! TEARY EYED I PRAISED GOD! He added, that in all of his years practicing medicine, he had never seen a patient go into remission without treatment! I told him about this blessed Hallelujah Diet, and this is what he responded: 'Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!' Reverend, I am listening. I will never leave this diet. May God continue blessing this ministry! I have placed my faith in the Lord and I know I will never get this cancer back because it was He who led me to this diet."

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